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I can just look at him for hours and don’t get bored. He is so expressive and goofy, that it’s simply adorable 


Snarling Rumplestiltskin - Quiet Minds

I’m apparently in a snarly Rumple mood lately.


Amy: “Met the amazing @robertcarlyle_ what an honour”


White shirt of sexiness



Stargate Universe - 1x14 Human

"It’s one stupid gene. Passed on to me by my mother. Incapable of performing its one simple function, to repair damage DNA."

Just in case anyone needed a kick in the feels this afternoon!

Thank you so much for making this for me. It is perfect.





rumplestiltskin appreciation week | day 4: favorite scene

This scene knocked me over the first time I saw it and it still gives me chills. You can see the moment he drops the mask. He smiles a smile too big for his face and his eyes look a little mad. It’s beautiful. I also love that Regina had to ask him three times before he said his name. It was a wonderful little touch and nod to the original story.
This gifset is dedicated to roberre for all her help!

Ah! Thank you. 8D You’re the best. This is absolutely one of my fave scenes of all time. I’m so glad the vids worked out okay.

I’m glad I picked a scene you love! I was going to ask you for a prompt but this set seemed appropriate since it’s the first I made from the episodes.

YES, I _still_ get chills in that moment when “Mr. Gold” just disappears.


Bobby tweets a thank you


Bobby tweets a thank you

What advice would you give to someone starting out? - Robert Carlyle on Big Questions


Bae. Papa. Where’s Henry? He’s safe. He’s safe. I told you I wasn’t gonna hurt the boy. I know. I’m sorry. Why didn’t you tell me Pan was your father? Because I didn’t want you to know that I was as bad a father as he was. Because we’re both the same, me and him, because we both abandoned our sons. No, you’re not the same. You came back for me, papa.


Robert Carlyle - RUN, BOY, RUN


Bobby & Emilie [45/?]

Is Robert Carlyle a good kisser?


Nicholas Rush Appreciation week

Favourite mood : Science mood

As melissabosquez suggested, this fandom needed Rush Science gif :)

Reaction gifs free for all :)

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